Inside the outdoor fitness company

We exist so that outdoor fitness can be now more than a workout — it's an experience.

Our story

We had an idea. What if people could move their gym sessions into the fresh air? We started developing a line of gym equipment that would allow everyone to have a powerful yet safe outdoor fitness experience.

It all started in 2015 when the first range of outdoor fitness equipment was designed for Helsinki. In the same year, the product line won the Exercise Product of the Year Award in Finland. In 2016, the first container-sized outdoor gym was piloted in Espoo, Finland.

Today, Omnigym outdoor fitness equipment can be found in more than 150 outdoor exercise locations in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, and we have distributors in major European countries.

Who we are

We believe that everyone should have the luxury to work out outside without compromising the exercise's quality. Thus, we are proud of having created outdoor gym equipment that is equally efficient as the ones used at indoor gyms.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Turku, Finland. They are durable and safe for many years to come – bringing joy to people over and over again. We want to promote a sustainable way of living and think that working out outdoors benefits the people and our planet.

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Our Partners

We love working with like-minded, long-term partners and distributors that share our ambitions and values. Our goal is to deliver a unique, world-class outdoor fitness experience. Together with our partners, we offer services and solutions whose safety, quality, and sustainability our clients know they can trust.

We are always looking for new distributor partners. Join us in building the future of outdoor fitness.

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