Omnigym brings the functionality of an indoor gym to outdoors.​​​​​​​

Get to know the Omnigym outdoor fitness equipment. With our unique 9 weight unit equipment and 3 bodyweight equipment, we provide an opportunity for an optimal full-body workout for everyone despite their age or background in fitness. Read more about our equipment, philosophy, and science below!

Optimal training response for each user

Omnigym has a strong background in sports and health sciences. Our gym equipment results from 30 years in rehabilitation, fitness, physical training, and years of product development. Omnigym started with an objective to create the optimal gym equipment for everyone. With the growing awareness of the benefits of exercising outdoors and demand for outdoor exercising facilities, the revolutionary design was further developed in collaboration with Helsinki's city to function ideally in open-air environments.

Human anatomy is at the core of our equipment. It is designed to provide an optimal training response for each user, from the young to senior citizens and beginners to sport enthusiasts and professional athletes.

Our equipment comes with a patented, adjustable loading mechanism for optimal weight selection with 5 kg increments. The eccentric mechanism supports your muscles' natural biomechanics: the weight is automatically adjusted during the movement to provide optimal resistance throughout the motion and maximum efficiency in training.

Awarded the Sports Product of the Year in Finland in 2015, Omnigym outdoor fitness equipment is also loved by its users. According to a study conducted on one of our outdoor gym platforms, 99% of the users rate our equipment as good or excellent.

Full-body workout with Omnigym for everyone

Omnigym Incline Bench Press for pectorals and triceps.

Omnigym Incline Bench Press for pectorals and triceps.

Omnigym product range consists of 9 weight unit equipment and 3 bodyweight equipment:

Each of the machines comes with instructions, which makes them both comfortable and safe to use. To match the environment of your choice, the equipment comes with multiple color options.

Quality, installation and maintenance

The quality of our products is based on Nordic excellence. Originally designed for extreme weather conditions, the equipment is mechanically stable and enduring enough to function through the four seasons, freezing winter to summer heat. The materials used in the manufacturing process provide a high anti-corrosion resistance and sustainability for extensive use in public areas.

The equipment is easy to install and requires only little maintenance. Our equipment can be placed anywhere: parks, beaches, and any public or private area where people need them to be. Placed in easily accessible locations.

Our product has been developed based on our clients' needs, and we continue our work to make them even better. All our products are manufactured in Finland, TÜV certified, and comply with the EN16630-2015 European Standard. Our standardized quality control process ensures an excellent level of quality in our products. Our warranty terms cover parts and components against any manufacturing and material defects. Spare parts are available for a minimum of 10 years from the date of purchase.