Low Row

​​​​​​​Develop your biceps and back muscles while improving your posture

The Low Row machine is great for strengthening your back and forearm muscles while also improving your posture. It offers an excellent all-round exercise for your whole upper body, developing your middle back while providing useful arm work as well.

Omnigym outdoor gym equipment is proudly made in Finland, easy to use, and built to last, making them a risk-free choice. All units are ergonomically designed for optimal training results and user safety, and they all meet the EN16630 standard for permanently installed outdoor equipment.

Muscle groups: mainly middle back muscles and biceps

Product information

Length1930 mm
Width920 mm
Height1120 mm
Equipment weight158 kg (1x weight unit)
User height+140 cm
Safety area19,5 m2
Basesurface mounting to concrete


Metal parts steel wall strengths 4-6mm zinc layer and powder coating.

The product comes in RAL Classic colour 5012 (blue) as standard. RAL Classic colours 1017 (yellow), 3020 (red), 6018 (green) and 7036 (grey) are available at an additional cost.

  • Safe and effective workout
  • Adjustable loading
  • Multigrip handles
  • Maintenance-free polymer bearings
  • Loading 20-70 kg

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