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Take part in the Omnigym Global User Study and learn how a popular outdoor gym can elevate your outdoor space and activate residents

As a manufacturer of a popular Nordic Omnigym outdoor fitness equipment, we would like to offer municipalities the opportunity to participate in a Global User Study that collects data on equipment use and user experience.

The Global User Study research project will be implemented in 2020–2025 in several European countries. We stand behind the quality of our product range and the excellent user experience, and we want to gather researched information from the users' point of view. To allow residents to test the equipment, we will provide your community with equipment set for use during the study.

The Global User Study includes:

  • Omnigym outdoor fitness equipment for residents' use free of charge for five weeks.
  • Reliable data collection on equipment usage (repetitions performed) and usage rate.
  • User Survey to analyze user profiles and user experience.
  • After the Global User Study period, we report the results and add them to our data bank.

Global User Study Destinations:

Ongoing and Upcoming ​​​​​​​

San Sebastian De Los Reyes, Spain 09/21

Holmenkollen, Norway 10/21

Laholm, Sweden 10/21

Vilnius, Lithuania 10/21


✅ Schiedam, The Netherlands 09/20

✅ Kristiansand, Norway 05/21

✅ Nissewaard, The Netherlands 05/21

✅ Danderyd, Sweden 05/21

✅ La Linea, Spain 06/21

✅ Kuopio, Finland 06/21

✅ Vennesla, Norway 06/21

✅ Enköping, Sweden 07/21

✅ Lillesand, Norway 07/21

✅ Benalmádena, Spain 07/21

✅ Ängelholm, Sweden 08/21

✅ Randesund Il, Norway 08/21

✅ Druskininkai, Lithuania 09/21

Reference Case: Schiedam, The Netherlands

The first Global User Study Destination in Schiedam, The Netherlands, 2020

The first Global User Study Destination in Schiedam, The Netherlands, 2020

We implemented the first Global User Study in the Netherlands and carried out the pilot project in close cooperation with our Dutch partner Opensport and Schiedam's municipality.

"The goal of Schiedam's municipality is that every citizen of Schiedam has/will have the possibility to move and play sports. On the one hand, this possibility lies with the city's many sports associations/sports providers. On the other hand, Schiedam's municipality tries to organize the public space so that the citizens of Schiedam are challenged to move (even) more.
With the addition of the OMNIGYM® fitness equipment on the Maasboulevard, a natural attraction has been added to the public space. In combination with the possibility of adjusting the weight to everyone's level, the equipment's appearance has an enormous added value. The users are very enthusiastic, the reactions from residents are very positive, and more and more people know where to find the location. With the deployment of local personal trainers, extra attention is given to the use of the devices weekly."

Rudy Bänffer - Consultant Sports Promotion of the municipality of Schiedam

"Top equipment and great location! I can recommend everyone this high-quality equipment. They are easy to use for everyone."

- User in Schiedam

When can a Global User Study be a sensible choice?

When a municipality considers different outdoor sport place options, between different equipment suppliers, or thinking about an outdoor gym as an investment, the Global User Study can provide the answer.

We believe that a year-round outdoor gym is a viable option when making municipal outdoor sports place decisions. We deliver our equipment to residents' use at a location chosen in co-operation with the municipality for the 5 weeks long test period.

After the Global User Study, you know:

1. Whether the location is suitable.​ Accessibility / ​Attraction factors.
2. Suitability of the outdoor gym in practice: Does it meet the needs of the residents.
3. User Experience: ​How the users rate the training experience and the equipment.​
4. Feedback:​ Valuable feedback and development suggestions from users.​
5. The Utilization Rate and visit data: ​Number of visits on a daily base, time spent, the most used equipment, rush hours, slow hours, the number of repetitions)​
6. User profile: Demographic factors, training frequency, and habits​
7. Utilization Rate Estimations for Omnigym sports places of different sizes of the population.
8. Access to benchmark other municipalities’ and users’ experiences & numerical data across Europe.​

Ask for more information about the Global User Study in your municipality.

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