Pasi Koistinen, Sports Director of Lappeenranta, says that increasing exercise should be everyone’s goal. It is worthwhile to invest in exercise locations that are within easy reach. This will further the well-being of residents and thus save money on health and social care.

Already 10 outdoor gyms in Lappeenranta:
“David by Omnigym outdoor fitness equipment attracts users like honey to a bee.”

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Omnigym brings the functionality of an indoor gym to outdoors.​​​​​​​

Get to know the Omnigym outdoor fitness equipment. With our unique 9 weight unit equipment and 3 bodyweight equipment, we provide an opportunity for an optimal full-body workout for everyone despite their age or background in fitness. Read more about our equipment, philosophy, and science below!

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Outdoor Fitness – why the trend is here to stay

Outdoor training is the prominent trend of the fitness industry today. This is no surprise, considering that it allows you to enjoy the benefits of both working out and getting fresh air. In fact, various studies indicate that where you get your sweat on makes all the difference. The growing number of outdoor fitness solutions provide new and better ways to improve our physical and mental health.

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