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​​​​​​​Request equipment set for test use and let the residents tell their opinion.

One of the most prominent fitness trends of today is outdoor training. The Finnish Omnigym's outdoor fitness equipment has gained great popularity among municipal decision-makers and residents due to its similar functions as indoor gym equipment. The friends of outdoor activities find our equipment in 150 sports venues in Finland and Europe.

The outdoor gym and fitness equipment used extensively by the residents determine the success of the investment. Omnigym's outdoor gym has been well received, and users have taken the equipment into regular use.

We offer Omnigym equipment set for test use for 6 weeks. Increase the resident's well-being and test the outdoor gym's attractiveness in your community completely free of charge.


List of locations with equipment in test use

Upcoming Omnigym Test Locations ​​​​​​​

Nissewaard, The Netherlands 05/21

Enköping, Sweden 06/2021

Lillesand, Norway 07/2021

Past Omnigym Test Locations

✅ Schiedam, The Netherlands

✅ Kristiansand, Norway

✅ La Linea, Spain

✅ Kuopio, Finland

✅ Danderyd, Sweden

✅ Vennesla, Norway

Reference case: Schiedam, The Netherlands

We implemented the first pilot project of equipment test use in the Netherlands. We carried out the pilot project in close cooperation with our Dutch partner Opensport and Schiedam's municipality. As a result, the first pop-up outdoor gym with Omnigym equipment opened in September 2020 in Maasboulevard, Schiedam.

The goal of Schiedam's municipality is that every citizen of Schiedam has/will have the possibility to move and play sports. On the one hand, this possibility lies with the many sports associations/sports providers in the city. On the other hand, Schiedam's municipality tries to organize the public space in such a way that the citizens of Schiedam are challenged to move (even) more.
With the addition of the OMNIGYM® fitness equipment on the Maasboulevard, a real attraction has been added to the public space. In combination with the possibility of adjusting the weight to everyone's level, the equipment's appearance has an enormous added value. The users are very enthusiastic, the reactions from residents are very positive, and more and more people know where to find the location. With the deployment of local personal trainers, extra attention is given to the use of the devices weekly.”

Rudy Bänffer - Consultant Sports Promotion of the municipality of Schiedam

Top equipment and great location! I can recommend everyone these high quality equipment. They are easy to use for everyone.

- User in Schiedam

​​​​​​​When can an outdoor gym trial run be a sensible choice?

When a municipality considers different outdoor exercise venue options, between different equipment suppliers, or thinking about an outdoor gym as an investment, the outdoor gym's trial use can provide the answer.

We believe that a year-round outdoor gym is a viable option when making municipal outdoor sports venue decisions. We deliver our equipment to residents' use at a location chosen in co-operation with the municipality for the 6 weeks long test period.

Simultaneously, the municipality accumulates valuable information about the attraction of the place and the user experience.

During 6 weeks of trial use, you can test:

1. Attraction
​​​​​​​Find out the outdoor gym's location and the Omnigym equipment's appeal with a complete product range with 9 equipment.

2. A Successful Investment
Outdoor gym without users is an unsuccessful investment. Through the test use, you can find out if the investment is good for the municipality and its citizens. The test period is carried out in close cooperation with the municipality free of charge.

​​​​​​​3. User Satisfaction and User Experience
The municipality can hear the residents' comments and opinions already during the test period as we conduct an on-site user survey and provide a report on the survey results.

7 reasons to choose Omnigym

✔️ 150 reference sites in Finland and Europe
✔️ High level of user satisfaction and utilization
✔️ The result of long product development: Efficient and Dynamically safe
✔️ According to user surveys, 90% of respondents rate Omnigym equipment as "as good" or "better than" indoor gym equipment
✔️ Suitable for a wide range of users, including seniors
✔️ For year-round use
✔️ Long life cycle and low maintenance

Ask for more information about the testing possibility in your municipality.

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