Oittaa outdoor recreation area, Espoo, Finland

Site background

Oittaa beach has had a small outdoor fitness area that is less than optimally located and that features equipment with limited operational versatility. The beach and the nearby sports facilities, including beach volleyball courts, have been very popular. In order to diversify the sports services offered, a decision was made to introduce outdoor fitness and functional training equipment in the area. The aim was to support the general policy of the City of Espoo to make an easy-to-use, safe, and effective outdoor gym package available to users of different ages and fitness levels.

​​​Area: 432 sq m
Opened: 11 April 2020
Equipment set: OG10, OG23, OG24,OG30, OG31, OG41, OG70, OG80, OG20/81/90, Big Rig FTR-030800W

Customer comments:

“The City of Espoo commissioned a survey of sports sites in 2019, and based on the survey, the most popular sports sites are beaches, skating rinks, and outdoor fitness facilities. Based on the survey, a plan was drawn up to construct various outdoor fitness areas in the coming years.
In the spring of 2020, the extensive sports services in the Oittaa outdoor recreation area, on the shore of Lake Bodom in Espoo, were complemented with an outdoor gym. The gym has a wide range of equipment, which was designed to cater for people of different ages and with different levels of sports activity. We have received positive feedback from visitors regarding the versatility and comfort level of the equipment at the Oittaa site.”

- Jari Järvi, Manager, Sports facility services and outdoor recreation services, City of Espoo