Pori Brigade, Säkylä, Finland

Project background

The Pori Brigade has developed various exercise and sports opportunities in the Säkylä garrison. The latest such measure was the basic renovation and modernisation of the garrison’s sports field, which was reopened for use in the spring of 2020.

Omnigym created a space for muscle-strengthening exercises on the renewed sports grounds to serve the strength training needs of the garrison’s new outdoor sports centre and ensure the versatility of training. In addition to the muscle-strengthening space, the whole area encompasses the following: running track, football field, small game and play areas at the ends of the field, as well as the small game and play / multipurpose field next to the athletics park. The entire outdoor sports centre provides exercise space for a group of 150–250 users.

​​​Area: 900 sq m

Opened: 2020